Generate Accessible Rich Internet Application using JSF2 and PrimeFaces

We are trying to make the web applications generated by SpringFuse as accessible as possible.

Online code checker

Our first goal was to pass online code checkers such as achecker.

All the generated pages pass the WCAG 2.0 (Level AAA) with 0 known problems and 0 likely problems.

Achieving it is not really complicated, the key is to use standard HTML components.

Hopefully, PrimeFaces, the JSF 2 component library that we use is pretty clean in that respect.


Our next focus was to unplug the mouse to ensure that the generated application is entirely usable with the keyboad.

The result is pretty good with all major browsers except with IE8 which randomly select the default submit button when the user presses enter.

If you have any hints on how we could fix it, please drop us a line. (Note: SpringFuse v. 3.0.66 resolves this issue).

Screen readers and Aria

Then we started to leverage ARIA and specially ARIA live region.

For the screencast, we use Mac OSX Lion, which includes a new version of VoiceOver (a screen reader) with a nice French voice (sorry for the accent :-)

The generated app uses live regions for two main purposes:

Issue with numbers:

More tests...

We encourage you to generate a webapp and try it for yourself. Your feedbacks, specially test results using screen readers would be greatly appreciated.


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