SpringFuse no longer operates but… :-)

Celerio the code generator that was powering SpringFuse is now Open Source. Celerio can reverse a database schema and generate advanced CRUD-based applications.

Code generation templates

JPA Query By Example API

Bootstrapping a project with Celerio


To generate a sample project, simply run:

mvn com.jaxio.celerio:bootstrap-maven-plugin:bootstrap

You will be asked by our bootstrap-maven-plugin to choose between 3 options:

 1) pack-javaee7-wildfly
    Pure Java EE 7 web application (no Spring inside) running on WildFly 10.
    Uses JPA, Hibernate, Hibernate Search, Lucene, JSF and PrimeFaces.

 2) pack-jsf2-spring-conversation
    PrimeFaces 5.2, JSF 2.2, JPA 2.1/Hibernate 5, Spring 4.2
    Advanced CRUD web application with conversation support in Java.

 3) pack-backend-jpa
    Backend only: almost pure JPA 2.1 with Hibernate 5, Spring 4.2
    Generates entities, meta model and repositories. Used by front-end packs.

Note Angular 2 is not yet part of the options yet as it is under development.

Feedbacks are welcome.

Happy coding with Celerio!

The Jaxio team.