SpringFuse FAQ

How can I install the oracle JDBC Driver ?

Oracle jdbc driver is not available on the global public maven repository, you will need to install it manually.

To do so, please follow the following instructions.

Why are some of my tables ignored ?

Tables having no primary key defined are ignored by Springfuse.

Why does the remote generation fail ?

Most likely the remote generation failure is due to a specificity in your database schema that we are not able to handle properly.

Here are few examples that we have encountered:

How can I see what is uploaded online ?

We send both generation logs and extracted metadata to the email address provided in springfuse generation form.

How can I tell maven that I use a proxy ?

If you are behind an http proxy, in order to download properly the dependencies, you must configure maven with a settings.xml file (usually ${user.home}/.m2/settings.xml).

Please follow these instructions to create this file.

Note that you also need to provide this information to the springfuse maven plugin.

How can I use previous versions of springfuse ?

Springfuse uses only the latest version of Celerio. If you rely on a specific Celerio's version, you may be interested in purchasing Celerio.

I am still using jdk 1.5, will it work for me ?

Yes, update the pom.xml accordingly


My answer is not here...

Just contact us, drop us an email at support@springfuse.com we will be glad to help you.